Dear Colleagues,

After a long covid pandemic break, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 11th Istanbul Yaşargil Microneurosurgery Course.

Over the last decade the appreciation for white matter has increased thus drawing more attention to the technique of fiber dissection. It is well understood that navigating safely through the narrow corridors within the brain requires adequate knowledge of the three-dimensional architecture of the white matter. In this course we aim to teach the basics of fiber dissection technique, allowing the participant to follow and understand the complex anatomy, while appreciating the connections of white matter tracts.

The Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course is divided into two parts and is not only designed for neurosurgeons, but for all neuroscientists. Unlike other courses, every participant will have an individual lab station equipped with necessary surgical tools and a microscope, allowing for a comfortable working environment without having to share specimen. To offer this comfort, the participant count is limited.

Lectures delivered by world renown and distinguished faculty members will be held throughout the course, supporting the learning process. This year we are proud to host highly recognized honorary guests Professor Anton Valavanis and Dr. Rosmarie Frick.

Part I: Hands on Microvascular Anastomosis Course will be held on 16-19 August 2023. The great teacher of microsurgery Dr. Rosmarie Frick shows participants the key points of microsuturing, vascular anastomosis and microdissection.

Part II: Hands-on White Matter Dissection Course will be held from August 20 to 22, 2023. All participants will experience the three-dimensional anatomy of the human brain during the handson white matter dissection workshop with the guidance of Professor N. Krayenbühl, Professor P.Kadri, Professor G. C. Ribas and Professor W. J. Weninger.

This year, three exceptional symposiums will be held subsequently to the course and all our participants are cordially invited to enjoy the “3rd International Rhoton Society Meeting” on 22-24 August, “Future of Microneurosurgery and Neuroanesthesiology- Special Symposiums” on August 25th as well as the “Semisitting Position in Neurosurgery- Consensus Meeting for Neurosurgeons and Neuroanesthesiologists” on August 26th. The participants of the course are exempted from the registration fee of these three symposiums.

Professor Yaşargil, the mastermind behind these courses, is co-directing the Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course; a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn principles of microneurosurgery from the creator himself.

We are looking forward to welcome you from all over the world to join our course and special symposiums.

Uğur Türe

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